Kmart Selling Same-Sex Family Doll Sets – We’re HERE For It!

Kmart Selling Same-Sex Family Doll Sets

As a society, we are increasingly accepting of all types of families. And it’s not just the general public that’s changing; businesses are catching on too! Major retailers like Kmart are starting to sell family doll sets that include dolls that represent different types of families – same-sex families included.

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What is Kmart Selling?

Kmart is selling same-sex family doll sets!

This was a big deal for many people, and we’re so happy Kmart took this step toward inclusivity! The dolls come in different skin tones and genders; they are so realistic it’s unbelievable. This is a significant step forward for the store, and we can’t wait to see what else they do next!

Why We’re Proud of Kmart’s Decision

Last week, Kmart announced that it would be selling sets of family dolls that represent same-sex couples. The decision was applauded by LGBTQ advocates and supporters, who lauded the retailer for taking a progressive stance on equality.

“This is a huge win for Kmart,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of GLAAD. “The company is listening to its customers and standing up for inclusive values by selling dolls that reflect the families many kids know today.”

Kmart’s move follows in the footsteps of other major retailers, including Target and Walmart, who recently released family dolls representing diverse families.

This shift is essential not only because it reflects the reality of modern family life but also because it sends a message to children that no matter what their gender or sexuality may be, they are loved and supported.

We applaud Kmart for taking this bold step forward in promoting equality and acceptance!

How You Can Help Support Kmart

There’s a new toy on the market that your little one will love – and it comes from Kmart! The store is currently selling sets of same-sex family dolls, and we’re HERE for it!

This innovative toy represents a significant step forward in inclusive education, and we’re thrilled to see Kmart taking such a proactive stance in supporting diversity.

Family Doll Sets represent an essential step forward in creating an environment where children can explore their potential roles in a diverse family.

Encouraging children to imagine themselves in alternate families makes them more likely to accept and understand other types of families when they encounter them later in life.

We hope that other stores follow Kmart’s lead and begin stocking similar sets so that all kids can have the opportunity to learn about different family structures.

Inclusivity is vital – let’s ensure our kids know they can be anything they want to be as long as they’re kind, loving, and supportive of others.


We’re happy to see Kmart embracing diversity and inclusion, especially in light of recent events. These doll sets are an excellent way for children to learn about different families and sexual orientations without filtering any information through their biases. We applaud Kmart for standing up for what’s right, and we hope other retailers will follow suit.

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