A portable ‘pee cup’ exists so your toddler can wee in the car.

A portable 'pee cup' exists so your toddler

Parents of toddlers everywhere rejoice! An ingenious invention called the ‘Pee Cup’ has been created to make travelling with your little one much less stressful.

The Pee Cup is a small, portable container that you fill up with your toddler’s favourite drink and place in the car. When they feel the need to wee, all they have to do is reach for the cup, pee in it and then put it back in the holder! No more worrying about having to stop at a busy junction or trying to find a bathroom on the side of the road!

What is the Portable Pee Cup?

The Portable’ Pee Cup‘ Exists So Your Toddler Can Wee In The Car If you’re like most parents, your thoughts go straight to the bathroom when you hear a toddler making a mess in the car. Suddenly, all the beautiful plans you made for spontaneous play are ruined.

But don’t worry! There’s an easy solution – and it’s called the portable pee cup. Essentially, it’s a small pot that fits inside a child’s car seat and is designed to catch any accidental weeing.

Plus, because it’s portable, you can take it wherever you go. It might not be as fun as planned, but your toddler will have a place to go when they need to pee in the car – without having to soil their clothes or make a big mess.

How Does the Portable Pee Cup Work?

The Portable’ pee cup’ exists so your toddler can wee in the car. The device, made from a rubber bladder and a funnel, attaches to a carabiner so parents can discreetly hand it to their child while on the go. The cup has a built-in filter and holds up to 150ml of urine, which will be emptied into a waste bin when used.

According to the creators of the Portable Pee Cup, an estimated 1 in 3 children under age five has had to use a public toilet at some point in their life. They believe that by making this toilet accessible and discreetly handed to children, they can help reduce the incidence of public urination and improve children’s overall well-being.

The Portable Pee Cup is available online for £14.99 (£12.49 with Prime).

Why Would I Want a Portable Pee Cup?

Many people may not be aware of this portable pee cup, but parents of toddlers rejoice! This nifty invention is perfect for parents transporting their little ones in the car. Toddlers love peeking in the car, and this Portable Pee Cup makes it possible.

The cup attaches easily to a stroller or car seat and has a funnel design that makes it easy for toddlers to drink. Plus, it’s leak-proof, so you know your toddler is safe while they are.

The Portable Pee Cup vs Potty Training

When it comes to potty training, many options are available to parents. Some parents try traditional potty training methods like rewards and punishments, while others opt for more unconventional methods like using a “pee cup.” The pee cup is a small plastic or metal container children use to relieve themselves in the car.

Some parents swear by the portable pee cup method, believing it is easier than traditional potty training methods. First, you must find a way to keep your child occupied while driving. This can be done by reading books or watching TV together.

Once your child is occupied and not asking for attention, you can start teaching them how to use the pee cup. Tell them to sit on the toilet, hold onto the seat’s edges, and then release their urine into the cup. Once they’re comfortable doing this, you can start rewarding them with treats or privileges when they use the pee cup.


There’s no need to worry about your toddler using the car as a potty when they’re out and about – an invention called the ‘pee cup’ exists that will help them do just that. The pee cup is a small, portable container that attaches to the door handle of a car and holds enough urine for one person.

When your little one starts to feel the urge to go, all they have to do is open up the pee cup and let it flow into the surrounding area. This way, you can rest assured knowing their wee is being disposed of in a sanitary manner while you’re on your way – perfect for those long journeys!

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