Why a mum who “invented” the gender-reveal trend has changed her views

the gender-reveal trend has changed her views

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a few ideas about what your kids will look like – some of them might surprise you.

For one mum, that meant inviting her friends and family over to watch her reveal her daughter’s gender on social media. But after watching the video online, the mum has changed her heart – and she wants other parents to do the same.

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Background of the mum who “invented” the gender-reveal trend

The trend of gender-reveal parties has been around for a few years, but it was initially started by a mum named Emily Anne.

Emily Anne had always wanted to do something special for her baby’s first birthday, and she thought a gender reveal party would be the perfect way to do it.

At the time, she wasn’t aware of the controversy surrounding these types of parties, but she decided to go ahead anyway.

Since then, Emily Anne has changed her views on these events. She now believes that they can harm children and cause them anxiety and stress.

In addition, she believes that parents should be responsible for their children’s emotional well-being and shouldn’t rely on strangers to reveal their child’s gender to them. As a result of these changes, Emily Anne no longer hosted any gender-reveal parties.

Why she changed her views on the gender-reveal trend

When Shannon Long decided to announce the sex of her baby uniquely, she had no idea it would become an international trend. But that’s precisely what happened after she posted a photo on social media of her and her husband, Rob, opening their presents to find out that their second child was a girl.

Initially, Shannon thought the whole gender-reveal thing was pretty ridiculous – but then she saw all the joy it was bringing to other parents. And eventually, Shannon realized that she had been missing out on some of that joy by keeping her baby’s sex a secret.

Nowadays, Shannon is entirely onboard with the gender-reveal trend – and she even encourages other parents to try it! She thinks it’s a fantastic way to connect with your baby uniquely, and she loves seeing everyone’s beautiful photos from their unique celebrations.


In a recent interview with Refinery29, Dana Carvey revealed that he and his wife have since changed their views on the gender-reveal party trend. They initially thought it was a fun way to celebrate their upcoming addition to the family, but they now believe it can be damaging for children.

Parents should seriously consider if they want to participate in this type of party before going ahead with it, as there are potential consequences that could be serious for the child involved.

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