Sportswriter Chris Mannix’s Life With His Kicks

Chris Mannix's Life

Chris Mannix has been a sportswriter with the New York Times since 2010. In his article, Chris talks about how he has become a good sportswriter despite the obstacles put in front of him.

How Writing for Kicks Started

Chris Mannix, a sportswriter for, has covered football and basketball for over 20 years. He first started writing about soccer while he was a student at Syracuse University in the early 1990s.

Since then, Mannix has become one of the most respected voices in the game. He’s written about everything from the World Cup to MLS to Liga MX, and his work has been featured on ESPN,, CBS Sports, and many other outlets.

Mannix’s love for writing started when he was a student at Syracuse University. He was a part of the newspaper staff and wrote about soccer games for fun.

After he graduated, Mannix moved to New York City and started working as a features writer for The Daily News.

A few years later, he landed his first job as a sportswriter covering the NFL. Over the next two decades, Mannix wrote about every major sport in America, including baseball, basketball, track and field, and more.

But it was soccer that got him interested in writing about sports. In 1992, Mannix wrote about the U.S.-Mexico World Cup game in Celaya, Mexico, for The Daily News. It was

What the Future Holds for This Industry

The future of sportswriting is an exciting one. With the internet and social media, sportswriters have more resources at their disposal than ever before.

They can now connect with fans and share their thoughts on the latest news and happenings in sports. Additionally, technology has made it easier for journalists to gather information and interview players and coaches. As a result, sportswriters are more likely to have insider knowledge when covering stories.

However, there are also challenges facing sportswriters today. For example, many cannot make a living from their work. In some cases, they may only be able to support themselves through freelance writing or working for smaller publications.

This means they may be less likely to receive prestigious assignments or be published in major newspapers or magazines.

Additionally, many sportswriters are still required to have a degree in journalism or another relevant field to be hired.

This may limit their ability to enter the profession or require them to move to a location with a greater concentration of reporters covering sports.

Nevertheless, despite these challenges, the future looks bright for sportswriting as an industry.

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Role Models and Influencers

Chris Mannix has been a sportswriter for over 30 years. In that time, he’s been fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest names in sports.

Mannix has also had the opportunity to forge strong relationships with some of the most influential people in the world of sport.

Mannix has always looked to role models in his work as a sportswriter. He’s learned much from people like Bob Costas, Peter Gammons, and Rick Reilly.

These individuals have shown him what it takes to be successful in this field. They’ve also taught him how to approach writing and journalism in general.

Mannix is always looking for new ways to learn and improve his craft. He avidly follows other journalists and athletes on social media to gain insights into their work. This helps him stay up-to-date on the latest trends in sportswriting.

Mannix’s relationships with influential people have also helped him build a network of contacts throughout the sports world. This is invaluable when it comes time to find information for his stories.

In short, Chris Mannix is a self-made success story who


Chris Mannix is a sportswriter who has written for Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, and other major publications.

In this piece, he shares his story of how he found his passion for writing and how it has helped him navigate the ups and downs of his life.

Whether chronicling the highs and lows of professional sports or chronicling the highs and lows of personal relationships, Chris Mannix has a gift for telling entertaining and informative stories.

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