Preggo Lego: The Best Pregnancy-Friendly Toys On Instagram

The Best Pregnancy-Friendly Toys On Instagram

Are you looking for the best pregnancy-friendly toys? Look no further than Preggo Lego! This hilarious and creative Instagram page is full of LEGO sets perfect for unborn babies and pregnant mums alike. Plus, they’re all completely safe for you and your little one – so there’s no need to worry about potential side effects!

What is Preggo Lego?

Preggo Lego is a LEGO-based pregnancy toy created by artist and mom Jenna Singer. The toy is made specifically for pregnant women and features 16 brightly colored blocks that can be assembled into various shapes and patterns.

The creator of Preggo Lego says that the toy “is intended to help expecting parents relax and enjoy their pregnancies.” She adds that the blocks are “designed to promote creativity and imaginative play” among pregnant moms-to-be.

According to Jenna Singer, Preggo Lego has been a big hit with pregnant women on Instagram. She says the toys have helped make childbirth more fun for many mothers-to-be.

The Benefits of Preggo Lego

There’s no denying that pregnancy is an excellent time for any woman, but it can also be challenging. From morning sickness to the stress of working and raising a child, there’s plenty to deal with during pregnancy. That’s why it’s so crucial for moms-to-be to have safe and enjoyable toys for themselves and their babies.

One toy that has become popular among pregnant women is Lego. Not only is Lego fun for children of all ages, but pregnant women can also enjoy it. Here are five reasons why pregnant women love playing with Legos:

1) It helps with development.

Playing with Legos promotes motor skills and cognitive development in kids. This is because the blocks are large enough for tiny fingers to grip securely yet small enough to be put together quickly and easily. This type of play helps children learn how to problem solve and develop fine motor skills.

2) It’s low impact.

Unlike some other activities like basketball or soccer that can be physically demanding on pregnant women, playing with Legos is low impact and doesn’t require a lot of strength or agility. This makes Lego play ideal for pregnant women who want to stay active without putting too much strain on their bodies.

3) It’s calming and soothing.

Many pregnant women find Legos calming and soothing after a long day at work. The colorful blocks and the repetitive motion of putting them together can take the focus off other things and allow moms-to-be to relax.

4) It’s affordable.

Legos are relatively affordable, making them a great toy option for pregnant women on a budget. Plus, there are a variety of different sets available that are perfect for different ages and interests.

5) It’s versatile.

If one set of Legos isn’t enough for a child, they can usually find another location at their local toy store or online. This means that even if a pregnant woman doesn’t know what she wants to build, she can usually find something fun for herself and her child.

The Toys on Preggo Lego

Are you looking for some pregnancy-friendly toys to add to your collection? Here are eight of the best on Instagram!

The Classic Baby Doll by Gund is a must-have for any pregnant mom-to-be! This soft and cuddly toy can be worn as a dress, shirt, or blanket.

The Adorable Cuddle Bug from Hape is the perfect companion for new parents who want to keep their little ones close at all times! This plush toy features soft fur and a movable mouth, making it easy for babies to learn how to babble.

The PupperPals Soft Blocks are perfect for newborns and toddlers alike! These stackable blocks come in different colors and patterns, making them an ideal way to encourage creativity and socialization.

The My First Blocks activity gym is perfect for little ones who are starting to explore their hands and minds! This colorful gym includes 26 pieces that can be assembled into three different activities: stacking, sorting, and balancing.

The Bright Starts Peek-A-Boo Giraffe is the perfect plush toy for newborns who love exploring everything around them! This soft animal has movable eyes that surprise babies when they peek inside its ears.

The Hopscotch Pillow by Skip Hop is another excellent choice for new parents who want something fun and relaxing together! This pillow features a removable board with 48 brightly colored squares that can be played with by both adults and children.

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages crib mobile is perfect for infants learning to talk and recognize objects. This mobile has different songs, sounds, and activities that can keep your little one entertained for hours.

The Crawlspace Crawlies is the perfect toy for toddlers who love exploring! These crawling creatures come in different colors and patterns and can be arranged into different configurations to create endless possibilities for playtime.

Where to Find Preggo Lego?

Looking for some fun and therapeutic toys to keep your pregnant belly happy? Look no further than the fantastic world of preggo Lego! Here are some of our favorites:

Preggo Lego Play mobile – This toy is perfect for keeping your baby entertained while cooking, cleaning, or just taking a break. The play mobile includes a changing station, a crib, music and lights, and more.

Preggo Brick Builders – These sets come with detailed instructions and allow you to create scenes from around the pregnancy journey, from conception to birth.

Preggo Friends – These brightly colored sets come with many accessories (including Minifigures) that can be used to play games or explore the house together.

  1. Preggo Puppets – These adorable plush puppets are perfect for playing with your little one on the go. They can be used in storytime, for exploring different roles in life, or as friends for imaginative playtime.


Are you looking for the best pregnancy-friendly toys on Instagram? Look no further! Our team has compiled a list of the most popular and fun toys for pregnant women and tips on how to play with them safely.

Whether you’re looking for a classic toy like blocks or something more interactive, we’ve covered you. So don’t wait any longer – start building those skills today!

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