11 Little-Known English Terms You Should Know

English Terms You Should Know

We all know how important it is to learn new terms and vocabulary words. This article will teach you 11 little-known English words that you’ll find useful in your day-to-day conversations!

What is a Newborn?

A newborn is a baby that has just been born. Newborns are usually very small and helpless and need lots of care and attention from their parents or caregivers.

What is a Baby?

A baby is an infant aged under one-year-old. Babies are usually born in hospitals but may also be born at home or in a birthing centre. At birth, a baby has very thin skin and delicate bones.

What is a Toddler?

A toddler is a child between the ages of one and three. Toddlers are very active and constantly exploring their surroundings.

They are also very curious, making managing them a bit challenging. However, with some patience and a little understanding, toddlers can be fun and rewarding children to raise.

One key thing to remember when dealing with a toddler is to keep an eye on their energy level and never force them to do something they don’t want to do.

Always let them lead the way and be open to trying new things together. And last but not least, don’t forget to have lots of fun!

What’s the Difference Between an Adult and a Child?

When it comes to the English language, there are a lot of terms that people might not be familiar with. One of these terms is “adult”.

Adult refers to someone who is legally an adult, which means they have reached the age of 18 or older. On the other hand, a child is under the legal age of 18.

Another term that people might not be familiar with is “child abduction”. This term refers to when a child is taken away from their parents against their will.

Child abduction can happen in several ways, such as when a parent takes their child out of the country without permission.


I’ve compiled a list of English terms you may not have heard of before in this article. If you’re looking to improve your language skills

(or want to be familiar with some uncommon words),read through these definitions and see if any intrigue you. After all, it’s always worth learning a few new words!


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