Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Announce Third Child

Legend Announce Third Child

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are parents to two adorable children – Luna and Miles. And they will be adding another little one to the family soon! Chrissy took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce that she and John are pregnant with their third child, and the news has already gone viral.

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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Announce Third Child

Teigen and Legend announced they expect their third child on Saturday, August 5th. The couple welcomed Miles Jameson Legend in March of this year.

Teigen revealed the news on Twitter with a sweet photo of her holding her bump and wrote, “John @johnlegend and I are having a baby! #blessed.” The new arrival joins daughter Luna (born in 2015) and son Miles John (born in 2018).

Baby Names on the Way

The newest member of the Teigen-Legend family is expected to arrive later this year. Chrissy and John announced on Monday that they are expecting their third child. Chrissy shared the news on her Instagram, writing, “John and I are having a baby!”

They also revealed a little bit about the gender of the baby in a statement: “We can’t wait to meet our little one and become great parents like our ancestors before us.”

Chrissy has been pregnant twice before, giving birth to Luna in 2013 and Miles in 2017. John has two children from his previous marriage to model Celine Dion – an 11-year-old son named Valenzo and a 7-year-old daughter named Lulu.

Chrissy Teigen Shares a Picture of Her Baby

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have announced the birth of their third child together. The baby was born on Wednesday, November 12th.

Chrissy shared a picture of her and John holding their newborn sonogram on Instagram, writing, “we did it again.” The couple already has two kids: Miles, five years old, and Luna, two.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Reveal Their Baby’s Gender

On Wednesday, September 13th, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend revealed that they are Expecting their third child. The couple first confirmed they were pregnant in August 2017, just weeks after tying the knot.

In a post on Instagram, Chrissy captioned a snapshot of herself and John holding their son Miles while wearing matching outfits “Me & @johnlegend announcing our third kid: a girl!” This is their second child together- daughter Luna was born in June of 2018.

John has also shared a sweet story about the reveal on his Twitter account. “So this happened today…we had been trying for awhile and then one day out of nowhere this amazing thing happened,” he wrote. “We’re so grateful.”

Chrissy Teigen Shares a Video of Her Baby

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are expecting their third child together, and on Tuesday night, they shared a video of their little one kicking and cooing. In the video, which was captioned “Here’s our lil guy,” Legend can be seen holding their little one while Teigen films.

“We just found out we’re having another baby,” Teigen wrote on Instagram. “Our families are so excited to join us for this next chapter.” The couple already has two daughters – Luna—born in April 2016—and Lulu Belle—born in May 2018.

What to Expect with a Third Child

There’s no doubt that having a third child can be a lot of work, but with the proper preparation, it can also be a rewarding experience. Here are some tips to help you adjust to having a third child:

– Make sure you have enough space. Although your home may be more significant now than when you had your first two children, there will likely be room for a third. If not, invest in a playroom or another area that can serve as an extra bedroom for the baby.

– Be prepared to spend more time at home. With so many things going on in the household, being able to focus on your kids can be challenging. Make sure you have everything organized so you can easily take care of them when you’re home.

– Get organized. One of the biggest challenges with having a third child is that there are often too many toys and clothes! Try to declutter and get your house in order, so all the chaos doesn’t pile up. This will make life easier for everyone involved!

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