Amy Schumer Shares Details Of Her Second BUB IVF Journey

Her Second BUB IVF Journey

IVF is a process that many couples go through to conceive a child. After undergoing an initial round of fertility treatments, many teams are placed on a waiting list for a “bub” – or embryo – that they can use in their next round of IVF.

In this latest blog post, Amy Schumer shares the details of her second baby IVF journey, including the exciting news that they were successful, and she now has a beautiful baby girl!

Amy Schumer Shares Details of her Second BUB IVF Journey

In a new blog post, Amy Schumer shares the details of her second BUB IVF journey. This time, she underwent in-vitro fertilization with her partner, Chris Fischer, at New York’s Weill Cornell Medical College.

The pair attempted to conceive via artificial insemination in January of this year but were unsuccessful. Schumer then turned to BUB IVF, and after just two rounds of frozen embryo transfer (FET), they are now expecting their first child—a baby girl!

Schumer wrote about her experience on Instagram: “So happy to share that we are pregnant again! This time it worked and we got pregnant using our own eggs and Chris’s sperm. #BUBIVF #Nyetobabyjokes.” She also thanked the staff at Weill Cornell Medical College for their help along the way:

“To all the amazing people who helped us through this process: Dr. Richard Hoffman and his team at Weill Cornell Medical College; Louise Brown at Egg Freezing NorthWest; everyone at Fertility Solutions; my incredible ladies who supported me during this crazy journey – you guys are THE BEST!”

This is fantastic news for Schumer and Fischer—not only does it mean they will be parents soon, but it also confirms that fertility treatments can work for even the most challenging cases.

Highlights from Amy’s Second IVF Journey

After undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) with her first partner, Amy Schumer had a great experience and got pregnant on the first try. But things didn’t go as planned when the comedian attempted IVF again with a new partner.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Schumer shared that she was diagnosed with endometriosis during her second IVF attempt and had to undergo surgery to remove the disease-causing tissue. After the surgery, Schumer found out she was pregnant but suffered a miscarriage soon after.

Despite the harrowing experience, Schumer is grateful for everything she learned from her first IVF journey and is currently expecting her third child via traditional methods.

“IVF has been amazing for me emotionally because it forced me to confront my infertility head-on before going through all of this misery trying to conceive naturally,” Schumer said in an email to THR.

“I know I would have gone through hell no matter what, so I can’t stress enough how important it is that couples are transparent about their fertility challenges from the get-go!”

What to Expect on Your Second IVF Journey

The second time for Amy Schumer and her husband, Chris Fischer, was a different experience than their first IVF journey. “We were so unlucky on our first attempt that we didn’t know how to do it right,”

Schumer told PEOPLE at the premiere of her new movie I Feel Pretty. “This time around, our team was so much better prepared.” READ MORE: How To Prepare For Your Second IVF Journey

Schumer and Fischer had their embryos frozen in December 2017 after undergoing BUB (banking using your eggs and sperm) IVF in August 2017.

The process worked well as they conceived four babies naturally in six months. READ MORE: How to Bank Your EGGS and Sperm for In-vitro Fertilization

Although the couple didn’t undergo fertility treatments beyond standard ovulation monitoring and tracking with blood tests throughout each cycle, there are still a few things you should know if you decide to go through the process again …

Make Sure You Have Everything Ready Before You Start Trying Again 

Unlike when you first started trying to conceive, this time around, you won’t be able to return and re-do anything once you start trying. “Everything has to be set up from the beginning, ” Schumer says. READ MORE: What To Expect On Your First IVF Journey

FAQ for Women Considering Trying IVF

IVF is an excellent option for women who want to become pregnant but have difficulty getting pregnant through traditional methods. Here are some FAQs about IVF for women considering trying it:

How many eggs are in a woman’s ovaries?

Most women have between 12 and 24 eggs. Some have as few as six or as many as forty-eight.

What is the process of IVF?

IVF involves taking, freezing, and thawing eggs, then fertilizing them with sperm in a laboratory setting. 

Is IVF expensive?

IVF costs vary depending on the provider and type of procedure involved, but it can often be quite expensive. However, there are many ways to cover expenses, including private insurance, government programs, or charitable donations.

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