7 Types of Baby Clothes Every New Mom Should Own

7 Types of Baby Clothes Every New Mom Should Own (1)

There are seven types of baby clothes that every new mom should own. These seven pieces will provide your child with comfort and style as they grow up in their first year. This blog post will go over these seven items and why you need them for your baby!

How to Shop for Baby Clothes

When seeking out the best baby clothes for your precious new bundle of joy, you’ll want to keep in mind that you’re looking for items that are comfortable, versatile, and stylish. Few things are more exciting than selecting your new baby’s wardrobe, but you want to make sure you’re choosing items that will last and keep your baby cozy.

If you want to find the best baby clothes, look for items made of natural materials like cotton and linen. These fabrics allow for breathability and aren’t too heavy, so your little one can still enjoy various activities in their clothing. You may also want to choose pieces that are adjustable since babies increase at this stage!

Baby Clothes Every New Mom Should Own

There are seven types of baby clothes that every new mom should own. These seven pieces will provide your child with comfort and style as they grow up in their first year. This blog post will go over these seven items and why you need them for your baby!

You want to make sure that all the clothing is comfortable, versatile (can be worn multiple ways), stylish so it can last through growth spurts and still look great.

We recommend natural fabrics like cotton or linen because they breathe well during activities which means fewer diaper blowouts on those expensive outfits! And adjustable clothing always comes in handy when babies outgrow things quickly!

What to Expect in the First Few Months

New parents are always commenting on how much more quickly their baby grows than they had expected, which is why it’s so important to buy clothing in several sizes.

The cost of baby clothes can add up in these first few months because of the baby’s rapid growth, so you may want to opt for less expensive items like Onesies® Brand Bodysuits and comfy sleepers. Then, as your new bundle of joy grows, you can start investing in more expensive, fancy outfits that will last longer.

Because your baby will go through clothing rapidly, you may also want to consider creating a plan for what to do with the too-small dress. Do you have a friend or relative also expecting?

Gift the hand-me-downs to someone close to you, or local research organizations that accept baby clothing donations to help someone in need.

Take-Me-Home Sets

Give your baby a big welcome home with a special first-day-home outfit. The Gerber Take-Me-Home sets feature everything your newborn will need, including an Onesies® Brand Bodysuit, nighttime outfit, a cap, and footed pants or leggings.

If you’re not expecting yourself, but you’re looking for the perfect baby registry gift for a friend or relative, the Take-Me-Home sets are thoughtful and provide everything the new parents will need as they journey home from the hospital.

Onesies Brand Bodysuits

One of the essential items of baby clothes that you will want to stock up on, baby Onesies® Brand Bodysuits are available in long sleeve and short sleeve options. This article of clothing makes it easy for new parents to change diapers with a snap closure at the bottom.

As your baby grows and gains more mobility, these soft baby bodysuits allow easy flexibility and are made from breathable cotton fabric. Be sure to buy a combination of short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and sleeveless Onesies® Brand Bodysuits for any temperature.

This one-piece will probably be the staple of your baby’s wardrobe for the first few months, so be sure to stock up on these in a variety of different sizes and colors.


As you probably expect, your newborn will be spending much of their time sleeping the first few months of being alive, so purchasing a plethora of sleepwear is a good idea as your baby will be sporting a lot of it in the first year of their life.

Our line of Gerber Childrenswear offers a large selection of PJs designed for little boys and baby girls and created for both Sleep’ N Play. Made from poly microfleece, our nighttime baby clothes feature covered feet to keep your baby warm all night long.

The front zipper design makes it easy to change your newborn’s outfit or diaper, and the zipper neck tab prevents the baby from playing with the zipper. Many of our sleepwear items are also created to be flame-resistant for additional safety.

Burp Cloths and Bibs

When first bringing your baby home, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you go through dirty burp cloths and bibs. Newborns are prone to drooling and spitting up as they learn to nurse, so stocking up on these accessories is vital.

Dirty laundry will pile up quickly, and with all your new baby-related duties, the last thing you’ll want is to rush doing laundry every day as you try to keep up with the baby’s mess. Though burp cloths are designed for burping your new infant, you’ll likely end up carrying one around with you throughout the day.

Order a variety of colors and stylish burp cloths. Then, pick out matching bibs to keep your baby looking adorable even at the messiest of times!

Tops, Bottoms, & Outerwear

Even if you live in a region where warm weather dominates most of the year, you’ll want to have some baby jackets and outerwear on hand because newborns need help regulating their body temperature. Your baby’s body temperature can increase and decrease rapidly as they grow.

If you’re taking them outside, even for a brief period, you’ll want to wrap them in a wearable blanket, layers, or jacket (unless, of course, it’s hot outside, in which case you want to make sure they don’t overheat). Gerber Childrenswear offers soft and comfy jackets that are easy for your baby to move around in a while, keeping them nice and warm.

Shoes and Socks

Even though it will take some time for your baby to learn how to stand on their own, shoes are necessary to keep their toes warm. Plus, adorable baby shoes can pull together a cute outfit. Our hands and feet contain blood vessels, which are vital in regulating body temperature.

This is one of the reasons you might feel hot when wearing socks during the night or experience a cool-down when you stick one foot out from under the covers.

Babies’ bodies are no different. Keeping your newborn’s toes covered by thick baby socks or booties and comfortable shoes, especially when venturing outside, can help their body temperature stay normal.


When babies are first born, it’s standard for nurses to put a hat on the newborn to keep them warm, but once you’ve brought your precious cargo home, it’s not necessary to keep a cap on the baby’s head. Wearing a hat all the time can lead to overheating.

If you’re taking your baby out in winter weather, a cap and a pair of mittens are necessary to protect them from harsh weather they have never before experienced. Babies can undoubtedly wear hats indoors as well, but be mindful of how they react.

If they’re fussing, remove the accessory, or if you notice that their face is red or feels extra-warm, take the hat off immediately. Though caps are not a necessary piece of baby clothing unless, as mentioned, it’s winter, it’s still good to have a few on hand for situations that may require extra warmth.


As your baby grows, you’ll undoubtedly need to make some adjustments in their wardrobe. But with seven types of clothes, every new mom should have on hand (nightgowns and PJs for nighttime sleepwear; bibs and burp cloths for drool or spit-up emergencies; jackets, shoes, socks, hats, and caps) from an array of brands that offer quality made apparel perfect for babies at various stages of development like Gerber Childrenswear (which also carries clothing sized up to 7T), you can rest assured knowing that you have all the basics to keep your little one looking cute no matter what!


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