12 Strange but Normal Newborn Behaviors

Normal Newborn Behaviors

Since babies are so new and mysterious, knowing what to expect from them can be challenging. However, the behaviours mentioned in this blog post are normal and might even surprise you!

1. They have almost 100 more bones than adults do

Adults have 206 bones. Newborns have a way more impressive count of 300. Go, babies!

In time, many of your baby’s “extra” bones will firm up and fuse – or ossify – and their total count will slowly decrease and round off at just over 200. 

2. They can have huge genitals.

Oh hello! Hormones absorbed in utero and excess fluid can combine their powers to bless your newborn with enlarged genitals at birth. Hurrah!

This is a sign that they are developing correctly and have all their essential organs in place. In time, these will shrink back to their standard size. 

3. They don’t shed tears.

While newborns cry QUITE often, they don’t have functioning tear ducts until between 3 and 12 weeks. They do, however, have basal tears that keep eyes lubricated. In time, those good tears will show themselves too. 

4. They don’t have kneecaps.

When your baby is tiny, there are pieces of under-developed cartilage where their kneecaps will eventually fully form. But for now, they don’t have them! 

5. They might startle easily. 

Babies are born with an innate reflex to startle – it helps them avoid danger. This might manifest as a sudden jerk when you pick them up or suddenly crying out in response to something unexpected. Just know that this is all part of their fun-loving personality!

6. Surprisingly, they might wet the bed frequently in the early days. 

Up to 50% of newborns will wet the bed at some point in their first few months. It’s all part of learning how to control their bladder and bowels – and it usually goes away by around 6-8 weeks old. Don’t worry; your baby is just doing what comes naturally!

7. Pees and poo might come out in unexpected places. 

You might be surprised to learn that newborns can also pee and poop in the opposite direction of their head – which is why you see them turn their heads sideways when they need to go. It’s all part of learning how to aim!

8. Newborn babies might have trouble regulating their temperature. 

Babies are born with a lot of energy and heat. But as they start to learn how to regulate their body temperature, it can take some time for them to get the hang of it. This might mean your newborn might be too warm or cold in the early days – keep an eye on them!

9. They’re often fussy but gain confidence as they get older 

Babies are often fussy in the early days because they’re trying to figure out all of their new body parts. But as time goes on, they usually gain more confidence and stop being clingy. Just enjoy every minute!

10. Their motor skills may develop more slowly than average. 

Babies’ motor skills – such as hand-eye coordination and movement abilities – develop much slower than adults’. They are still learning how to use their new body parts!

11. They sometimes have mini breasts.

Some babies lactate in the days after birth but may also show up with “breast buds” due to swirling hormones. These will eventually shrink and disappear – but don’t worry, they left behind some fantastic memories!

12. They breathe weirdly

That fluttery and irregular baby breath may seem problematic, but it’s a normal part of newborn life. In time, their breathing will become more regular and even.

Since babies are so new and mysterious, knowing what to expect from them can be challenging. However, the behaviours mentioned in this blog post are typical and might even surprise you!


We hope you found this blog post helpful and that it gives you a better understanding of some strange but normal new newborn behaviours.

Remember, if something feels wrong or doesn’t seem right, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor. Their guidance will be invaluable in helping your baby make the most seamless transition into the world.

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