12 Normal But Bizarre Things Newborn Babies Do That Make Parents Laugh Out Loud

Newborn Babies Do That Make Parents Laugh Out Loud

Babies come into the world with a unique sense of humor, and it’s often hilarious! In this article, we’ll look at twelve bizarre, but everyday things newborn babies do that will make any parent laugh out loud. From strange facial expressions to unexpected sounds and movements, you won’t believe some of the things your baby can do!

As a new parent, everything your baby does is precious and unique. But some things newborns do can also be pretty strange—and hilarious. Here are just a few ordinary but bizarre things newborn babies do that will make parents laugh out loud.

One of the strangest things newborns do is the Moro reflex. This is when your baby suddenly throws her arms and legs out in a startle response as if she’s falling. It can happen when she’s startled by a loud noise or when you move her too quickly. The good news is that the Moro reflex goes away after a few months—but it can make for some funny moments.

Another bizarre but normal thing newborns do is root around for food constantly. You might find your newborn baby sticking her tongue out and moving her head from side to side as if she’s looking for something to eat. This reflex helps her correctly grasp her mother’s breast when breastfeeding. But it can look like she’s searching for food even when not!

Finally, one last normal but bizarre thing many newborn babies do is wake up screaming bloody murder for no apparent reason. This is called the period of purple crying, and it typically starts around two weeks old and lasts until about three or

1. They Make Unusual Noises

Newborn babies are known for making all sorts of strange noises. Some of these noises are so bizarre that they can make even the most experienced parent laugh out loud. Here are some of the most common (and strangest) noises newborn babies make:

1. Grunting and snorting: Newborns make one of the most common (and strangest) noises. It usually happens when they’re trying to poop or frustrated.

2. Squealing: This high-pitched noise is usually made when babies are excited or happy. It’s also been known to happen when they’re startled or scared.

3. Farting: Yes, farting is another strange noise newborns make. But it’s a perfectly normal and healthy part of their digestive process. So, don’t be too alarmed if you hear your little one letting one rip now and then!

4. Screaming: This loud, piercing noise is often made by newborns who are hungry, tired, or in pain. If you hear your baby screaming, it’s essential to try to figure out what the cause is so you can help them feel better.

5. Cooing and gurgling: These softer sounds are typically made when babies are content and relaxed. They may also make these sounds when communicating with you or someone nearby.

2. They Have Strange Sleeping Habits

We all know that newborn babies have strange sleeping habits. They sleep a lot, but they also wake up a lot. And when they wake up, they often cry or make strange noises. But did you know that some newborns also have strange sleeping habits?

Some newborns sleep with their eyes open. This is called nystagmus, and it’s perfectly normal. However, it can be disconcerting for parents to see their baby’s eyes open while asleep.

Other newborns sleep with their hands in fists. This is also perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.
Still, other newborns sleep with one hand behind their heads. This looks uncomfortable, but it’s pretty standard and is nothing to worry about.

So, if you see your newborn sleeping with their eyes open or hands in fists, don’t worry! It’s perfectly normal, and they’ll outgrow it eventually.

3. They Make Weird Faces

Newborn babies are adorable but do pretty strange things that make their parents laugh out loud. One of the strangest things they do is make weird faces.

They’re trying to figure out how their facial muscles work and can’t quite get it right. As a result, they make all sorts of funny expressions that will have you cracking up.

4. They Love to Be Swaddled

Swaddling is one of the oldest and most popular methods of calming and comforting newborn babies. It involves wrapping the baby in a soft, lightweight blanket so that only the head is visible. This can help to soothe them and make them feel secure.

It’s not uncommon for newborns to love being swaddled. Many of them will cry when they’re unswaddled! If your baby seems to be enjoying it, there’s no harm in continuing to swaddle them. Just stop once they start showing signs of discomfort or trying to break free.

5. They React in Odd Ways to Sudden Movement

When you think of a newborn baby, you might picture them sleeping soundly or crying for their next meal. But there are a lot of strange things that newborns do that can make their parents laugh out loud.

For example, many newborns have a startle reflex, making them react oddly to sudden Movement. This can be anything from a loud noise to a gentle touch. Their little bodies will tense up, and they may even cry.

It’s all perfectly normal, but watching it can be pretty amusing! It won’t last forever if you’re lucky enough to witness your baby’s startle reflex. They’ll soon grow out of it and into those cute, cuddly babies you were expecting.

6. Some Babies Like to Put Their Hands in Their Mouths Constantly

There are many things that newborn babies do that seem strange to parents. One thing that some babies like to do is put their hands in their mouths constantly. This can be pretty funny, but it’s also perfectly normal.

Babies often explore the world around them with their mouths because they don’t have developed motor skills yet. Putting their hands in their mouths allows them to learn about different textures and temperatures. It’s also a way for them to soothe themselves when feeling fussy.

If you notice your baby putting their hands in their mouth often, there’s no need to worry. Just enjoy the cuteness and know that it’s all part of the wonderful world of being a parent!

7. Newborns Have Weak Muscles

Newborns have weak muscles and may be unable to hold their heads up. They may also shake their heads from side to side. This is all because they are still developing their muscles and coordination.

8. Babies Don’t

Babies don’t always sleep when they’re supposed to. Many newborns have their days and nights mixed up for the first few weeks. So don’t be surprised if your little one awakens at 3 a.m.!

Babies also don’t have regular bowel movements. Newborns usually poop after each feeding, but it’s not unusual for them to go a day or two without a bowel movement. And when they do go, it’s often a surprise for parents!

Babies don’t always cry when they’re hungry. Many newborns have “non-nutritive sucking” when they suck on their hands or fingers, even when hungry. It’s thought to be soothing and can help them fall asleep.

So there you have it: three normal but bizarre things newborn babies do that can make parents laugh out loud!

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