10 Fun Activities To Do With Your Toddler That Will Keep Him Occupied And Happy

Your Toddler That Will Keep Him Occupied And Happy

It can be challenging to keep your toddler occupied and happy, but with ingenuity and some fun activities, you’ll be able to keep your little one entertained for hours on end!

This article has compiled 20 of the best toddler games you can play with your child. From classic board games like Monopoly and checkers to more creative activities like painting with watercolours and making slime, these activities will keep your tot busy for hours on end. So get out there and have some fun!

Catch a ball.

Playing catch is a great way to keep your toddler occupied and happy. He will love chasing the ball around, and you can even make it more fun by incorporating some obstacles into the game. Try setting up a small field with poles or putting down a large sheet of plastic to create an obstacle course.

Make some tea time treats.

Your toddler loves getting his hands on ingredients and making his treats! Tea time is the perfect opportunity for him to get creative and cook some yummy snacks. Please give him a few simple recipes, or let him have free reign and develop his ideas.

Draw with crayons or markers.

Toddlers love drawing with crayons and markers, which are also great for developing fine motor skills. Let your toddler loose in a sketchbook or big canvas, and he’ll be entertained for hours! Bonus: Drawing can help promote creativity in your toddler later on in life! 

Play catch with a ball made out of rubber or plastic.

Playing catch with a softball made of rubber or plastic is a great way to keep your toddler entertained and active. He can bounce the ball, run with it, and try to hit it into the other person’s territory. This is also a great way to work on his coordination skills.

Make slime.

Slime is one of the most popular toddler activities out there! It’s easy to make, fun to play with, and smells fantastic. All you need are some materials you probably have lying around your house (water, glue, glitter, and shaving cream are usually enough). Let your toddler explore all the ways slime can be used – as a decoration, obstacle course, or even toy!

 Draw with crayons or markers on paper.

Toddlers love to draw, and paper is an excellent way to experiment. Give your toddler a piece of paper, some crayons or markers, and let him go to town. He’ll love seeing his drawings come to life on paper, and he’ll be developing his creativity along the way.

Make pizzas from scratch!

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world, and it’s something your toddler will love. It’s easy to make at home – all you need are some simple ingredients (flour, water, salt, yeast).

Let your toddler help you make the pizza dough, then let him roll it out and top it with his favourite toppings. It’s also fun to have a pizza party with your little one – let him get involved in assembling the pizzas, serving them up, and cleaning up afterwards!

Go on a scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to keep your little one busy and engaged. All you need is some printed instructions (or just some basic ideas) and a few supplies your toddler likely has at home (a list of items might include small toys, stickers, crayons, paper pieces, etc.). Let your toddler wander around your house looking for the hidden items, and have a lot of fun along the way.

Make homemade popsicles.

Popsicles are one of the most popular summer treats, and they’re also a great way to keep your toddler hydrated on hot days. All you need are some simple ingredients (some water, ice, fruit juice), and you can make them in any flavour your little one likes. Please give him a few simple recipes, or let him choose his flavours.

 Play with blocks.

Blocks are one of the most popular toddler toys and a great way to promote creativity. All you need are some blocks; your toddler can create all sorts of imaginative structures with them. He can build towers, castles, and even cars – endless possibilities!

How to play these activities

There are a lot of fun activities to do with your toddler that will keep him occupied and happy. Here are six ideas:

Train his brain! Start by teaching him simple math skills, such as counting to 20 or more. This will help develop his numerical reasoning skills, which will be helpful in his later school years.

Get creative! There are endless possibilities for creative play with toddlers — from building towers out of foam blocks to dressing up in costumes and staging playfights.

Learn about the world around them! Toddlers love learning about the world around them, so take time to explore topics like animals, colours, and shapes.

Sing along! Toddlers love singing songs together, and you can make it even more special by choosing ones with silly lyrics or funny stories.

  1. Draw and paint together! For toddlers who enjoy making things with their hands, art is a great way to spend time together. Please encourage them to experiment with different mediums (like watercolour and pencil) and let them share their creations when they’re finished.
  2. Play games together! Games are an excellent way for toddlers to learn essential social skills while having loads of fungi

What to do when your toddler gets bored

When your toddler is bored, there are a few things you can do to keep him occupied and happy. First, have some safe activities ready to go. This could be playing with blocks or dolls, walking outside, or doing simple household tasks like sorting laundry. If your toddler is older and able to participate in more challenging activities, try these:

-Give your toddler a job to do. This could be making cupcakes or cookies, folding towels, sweeping the floor, or filling up a water jug.

-Bring out books, puzzles, and other toys that he can play with independently.

-Try interactive games like Simon Says or Matching Colors. These will require your help setting up and playing but will keep your toddler entertained.


With a toddler in the house, finding enough time for yourself is hard. But by following these 20 fun activities, you’ll be able to keep your little one occupied and happy while you have some peace. From playing together at home to going on short adventures outdoors, these activities will have your toddler begging for more!

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